The Tour du Mont Blanc

I never thought it would be possible to hike across three countries until we did the Tour du Mont Blanc.

It is, as Wikipedia kindly informs me, one of the most popular long-distance hikes in Europe, circling the Mont Blanc Massif. It is approximately 170km long with 10km of ascent and descent. We started in France (Chamonix), hiked to Switzerland (Champex) and Italy (Courmayeur) before ending full circle back in Chamonix.

This isn’t a wilderness hike like the John Muir Trail is. You hike from village to village each day, and we Nathan, by his hard work, managed to get us accommodation for refuges just two weeks prior to us going on the hike (which is pretty insane, considering most people plan their hike months in advance, like most normal people do).


Hiking through quaint alpine villages was the charm of the hike. These hikes were comparatively more luxurious than the other hikes we had done in South America. Let’s just say we were never too hungry and the added bonus of hiking with a reduced pack (minus our tent, sleeping gear, cooking gear) helped us with the steeper ascents and descents.


Stunning views of the valley below. I can’t imagine we walked in that valley, and then out of it again.


This was our view ascending out of the Chamonix Valley on Day 2. We were blessed with generally good weather (we hiked in mid-August) with rain only on two mornings.


We were also very lucky to see an ibex. We saw him/her on Day 2, and never again.