We are a couple in our 20s currently taking a gap year in 2018 to see more of the world and discover more of ourselves. Nathan was born and raised in Australia. PK was born in Malaysia and lived there for the first 16 years of her life, before moving to Australia as an international student and finally settling down to call Australia her second home.

We enjoy adventure, hiking, and documenting our travels through photography and videos. We often get into weird hobbies largely due to Nathan’s influence.

We dabble in scuba diving, snorkelling, skiing, beekeeping and fishing, amongst other things.

Our main differences are:

  • Nathan eats to live, whereas PK lives to eat;
  • PK has a stomach of steel (that Asian belly training!) whereas Nathan… I won’t say anything to incriminate him 😉
  • PK is more likely to complain about inclement weather whereas Nathan will walk for 20kms in torrential rain in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania;
  • Nathan is king researcher and PK is queen do-er

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