One month in Southern Patagonia (Part 1)

Torres del Paine, Chile When Nathan painstakingly stayed up till 4am changing our bookings a month early, I thought he was crazy. It turned out that his decision was wise. As we learnt from personal experience and from the Los Glaciares’ park ranger’s spiel, the weather in Patagonia is “very changeable”. If you can zoom … Continue reading One month in Southern Patagonia (Part 1)

When you can’t kick this terrible sleeping pattern..

I realised that being an early riser in Santiago gets you nowhere. Starbucks may be open at 9am, but there's only so much you can do in the morning. Museums and tourist sights open at 10am at the earliest - representative of the culture and sleeping habits of Chileans. That being said, when I get … Continue reading When you can’t kick this terrible sleeping pattern..

2018: A year of adventure

Nathan and I have decided to let out work contracts run out and travel the world. It stemmed from Nathan feeling burnt out at work, and me getting increasingly discouraged that I have not had any success getting other employment in the field I am pursuing. Throughout 2017 I have battled a desire to obtain … Continue reading 2018: A year of adventure