One month in Southern Patagonia (Part 2)

Crossing to Argentine Patagonia – Los Glaciares National Park Most travellers we spoke to had either come from or were going to El Calafate and El Chalten in Argentina, so naturally we decided we should add that to our (relatively flexible) itinerary. After about a month in Chile, we crossed the border to its neighbour … Continue reading One month in Southern Patagonia (Part 2)

One month in Southern Patagonia (Part 1)

Torres del Paine, Chile When Nathan painstakingly stayed up till 4am changing our bookings a month early, I thought he was crazy. It turned out that his decision was wise. As we learnt from personal experience and from the Los Glaciares’ park ranger’s spiel, the weather in Patagonia is “very changeable”. If you can zoom … Continue reading One month in Southern Patagonia (Part 1)

The Atacama Desert

Now that we visited Valparaiso in a day instead of the three days I had initially set aside for it, what were we going to do between now and Torres del Paine (TdP) [the only thing we had set in concrete (other than our Airbnb booking in Santiago)]? Nathan successfully changed our bookings for the … Continue reading The Atacama Desert